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Since time began, olive trees have shaped and animated the landscapes of the Mediterranean.
The olive and its oil fed and cared for all of the ancient civilizations from Babylon to Egypt, from the Greeks to the Romans. We have found for you the long lost secret of beauty that made the reputation of the elegant women of Rome. Its name is Omphacine ®: the precious emerald juice of young olives, slowly and gently pressed in the traditional way.

From the union between this mythical tree of the gods and body care is born an innovative concept, and a new product range developed from a special olive oil whose secret was known to the ancient Romans: Omphacine.

In this authentic setting, we invite you to come and live
an unforgettable moment, where all of you senses will be nourished

In the gîtes of the agricultural property, the health spa offers cures of oleo-therapy using our range of cosmetics created from olives. In addition to the treatments, spa visitors can explore the collection of wild and rare Mediterranean fruit trees, taste the fresh fruits, vegetables, pollen and spirulina. They also discover a wealth of local heritage.

Discover the benefits of Oleotherapy

Oleotherapy offers a new approach to body care. In the Centre, situated in the heart of the olive grove, you will benefit from personalized care: massages with precious Roman oils, treatments with the cosmetics from the Omphacine range, relaxing baths with whole olive juice, revitalizing wraps with olive pulp and plant extracts, purifying Roman steam baths, natural swimming pool with low-impact workout equipment.

Spa treatments unlike all others:

Balneotherapy treatments
Wrapping treatments          
Exfoliating treatments

The originality of the extracts used in the formulation of the Omphacine product range comes from the use of:
• a unique an exclusive olive oil extracted from unripe olives. This oil, Omphacine is not available for sale anywhere else in the world. Nonetheless, it possesses exceptional properties through its rich content in essential fatty acids, polyphenols, squalane and waxes.
• olive water, source of polyphenols and used in wrapping and balneotherapy treatments.
• olive pomace (the pulp left after pressing olives for oil), used particularly in the exfoliating treatments.

Science and ancient wisdom united

The olive tree, rooted in legend, has for millennia been regarded by man as an ally, a source of health and beauty.
This exceptional gift of nature has been developed and refined by Oleatherm’s scientific team. This work has enabled us to:
- obtain a totally new product - the native olive totum, 'whole olive juice', highly concentrated in natural dermo-cosmetic substances
- rediscover the famous Omphacine oil so appreciated by women in Roman times.

These discoveries have been patented. They are the origin of Omphacine®, our innovative range of organic cosmetics.

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