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An ancient memory of the world lies in Raphaël's mind ...

Raphaël COLICCI stands among those who have known a very different world.
You realize it when he is in front of you, with open arms to show you the natural kingdom he has created in the foothills of the « Plateau du Larzac ».
His hands emanating strength work, build, plant and give generously to all. His shoulders remind you of the twelve labours of Hercule, and his piercing blue eyes can see far beyond the obstacles to a world according to Raphaël. The world he chose to build and protect for Oleatherm to take root.

Raphaël was born in Italy, in the village of Esperia near Rome, fed not by the milk of a she-wolf but of a she-ass in his grandfather's olive oil mill. His early memories as a surviving baby and child will be deeply embeded with the taste smell of olive oil. The olive tree becoming a true symbol of life and health, a gift from the godess Athena. The seed was planted in the child's mind leading to « oleatherapy » years.

His family will leave Italy to move to Chambery in the region of Savoie (eastern part of France). Working early on in the fields, Raphaël will remain very close to Nature, being an ecologist long before it was fashionable, but because caring for the earth and its inhabitants was normal and necessary for him. His desire to improve the well being of this planete and all living beings will lead him to « Lusdhott Manor Hospital for Natural Medicine » in London when he reaches his twentieth year. There, his knowledge of Nature's healing plants and his ability to alleviate suffering will be greatly appreciated by many. Some of the most famous people came to seek his helps : the Pink Floyd, the royal family of Iran and actors like Sean Connery.

Nicknamed « golden Hands », he will use massages,hand made remedies and emerging holistic technics to help each and everyone.

Riches and fame will never prevent Raphaël from following his heart and answer the calls to the ones in need. He left the clinic to work as a specialized teacher for the Red Cross and receives an award in Los Angeles for his dedicted and innovative work with handicapped children. It is during this time that he will meet his second wife Babeth, with her he will envision his project and dream.

Raphaël will use his « roman imperator » strength, knowledge and skill to use Athena's gift to humanity in a land inhospitable and difficult. But the « Gods » are with him and with work worthy of the ancient Titans of Old Roman Myths,he planted and cared for a thousand olive trees ! They bore fruits more precious than the golden apples : olives filled with life giving properties. In this mythical garden, when Raphaël helps preserve some very unic and ancient plants to prevent them from desapearing totally and for their healing properties ignored by a technological and destructive society when profil is the only god ! The olive tree is valued and honored as « emperor ».

Here it is not just the end product that matters, but the whole process from planting the seedlings to caring for it, and the whole tree is regarded as healing and life saving. This way of thinking is applied to each guest, it is the whole person in its uniqueness and entirety who is honored and cared for.

Watch out : staying at OLEATHERM might make you want to grow roots here and let you heart slow down to the rythm of the ancient tree growing peacefuly under the mythological constellations.


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When you arrive at OLEATHERM, you will be greeted by your dedicated hostess : Elisabeth COLICCI appears perfectly in harmony with this mineral and golden land reminiscent of Ancient Rome, a priestess in the Temple of Athena-Minerva.

A thousand kilometers from this property, Babeth was born in Small Britain in a lush green of apple ....... close to the Atlantic Ocean where no decent olive tree would think growing roots ! She grows up in the countryside in a family where giving and serving others with the gifts of Nature is common sens.

She will start her adult life working physiotherapic facilities for children, teenagers and eldenly in Haute Savoie eastern France, her passion for the well being of humanity grows and strengthen. Later her path will cross Raphaël COLICCI, our « roman imperator » ; together they share a philantropist vision of the world. They work as special education teachers for teenagers and they start dreaming about a prestin natural land free of pollution.

Under the spell of an almost magical intuition ; we know how Roman Gods whisper in our dreams ; Babeth and Raphaël leave the Alpes to look for the land of their dreams. With the help of Athena and Demeter, two godess no less ! They will conquer the stones, close mindedness and difficulties to recreate the sacred oils of Antiquity used more than 2000 years ago to feed, heal and anoint the ancient kings of a workd where thunder and lightning were at the command of Jupiter.

Thanks to their courage and hard work you can experience today the generosity of the Olive Tree and the oils carefully crafted with ancient wisdem and innovativ spirit. They will renew your body and uplift your mind, making you feel like immortals or emperos of old, filled with strength, health and joy. Be careful ladies, godesses might even be jealous of our serene newfound beauty...

Babeth's hands, like beautiful bees, symbol of Venus'love, always busy, will care for the olive trees, the olives and yourself with the same loving, dedicated and healing skills inhesited through years of practice and inspired by the abundant, endless generosity of the olive tree and Mother Nature. Using technics from the greco-roman traditions of hygiene and well-being, Babeth will present you the best, organic, living products to make you feel like a god/godess.

Sylvery leaves vibrating in Eol's breath, healing stones warmed by Helios, the olden olive oil pouring from the arms of Demeter, the serene atmosphere, blissful smiles of patients after receiving a full Roman bath, wraped in the calorful muds of the « Luberon » and molded like antique statues by the knowing hands are all normal, daily occurrences for Babeth.

She states « I wanted this nature, it is here for all who need it, and God knows how much the modern citizen needs it, believe me ! ».

I believed her, didn't regreted it and want to return as soon as possible. It is that great !

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