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The Oleatherm Health Spa

You love nature...

More than a thousand olive trees
are waiting
care for you.
Discover the healing properties of the olive tree.

In the heart of the olive grove, you can relax,
rejuvenate, and re-awaken your senses.
We harmonize our services to suit you.


Oleatherm The treatments

Traditional Sauna-Hammam  29 €

A real moment of relaxation, preparing your body to receive all of the healing properties of the olive tree. Black olive-oil soap nourishes your skin and cleans away impurities. Your skin can breathe and becomes soft and smooth.

Exfoliating Scrub – with pomace and olive stones 40 €   30 minutes

Gentle exfoliation, face and body, detoxifying, hydrating, mineralizing, rich in Omphacine oil and whole olive juice. It makes the skin soft and silky.

Oleatherm wraps 45 €    30 minutes

With their olive tree extracts, clays and essential oils, these wraps are relaxing slimming, toning, moisturizing and remineralizing.

Spa and Revitalization 50 €    30 minutes

This hydrotherapy treatment offers a cascade of energy. It facilitates the circulation and tones while releasing stress.

Shirodhara 65 €      45 minutes

This massage of the head and face with warm olive oil flowing on your forehead is a deep relaxation treatment that soothes the mind and enriches the skin and hair. It is an invitation to escape.
Cleansed, toned, nourished, your face receives the gentle healing power of the olive tree. The intense hydration provides a feeling of comfort and well-being.

Complete face treatment 59 €    1 hour 15 minutes

• Preparation of the skin (cleansing, steam bath, welcome massage)
• Exfoliating scrub. (Rich in Omphacine oil and whole olive juice)
• Omphacine intense hydration mask.
• Wellness Massage face, neck, neckline.
• Serum application to sensitive areas.
• Application of Omphacine ® cream.

Hair treatment 25 €    30 minutes

This re-hydrating mask repairs and nourishes all of your hair with its blend of clay and Omphacine olive oil.

Heavy legs treatment 25 €    30 minutes

Pressure therapy and cryo treatment. The presure therapy fights against water retention and cryogenic wrap tones fragile circulation.

Foot treatments 60 €     60 minutes

• Relaxing bath, gentle exfoliation and massage of the arches.
• Reflexology with aromatic essential oils. Relaxation and energy balancing.

Wellness Massages *

Imperial Roman Wellness Massage 65 €     1 hour 30 minutes

Inspired by the traditions of the Roman baths, reserved for the elite in their palaces.
A blend of body-working techniques gathered from all around the Mediterranean Sea, this massage protocol of 104 individual moves treats the whole body.

It is a moment of convergence between East and West. This massage with warm Omphacine oil and with pouches of freshly-cut aromatic herbs, has a global action on the senses, re-balancing energy and relaxing and liberating tensions.

Toning Wellness Massage
With Roman oil and essential oils
50 €     1 hour

Wellness Massage with Omphacine balm
Hydrating and relaxing
50 €     1 hour

Wellness Massage
With warm grindstones
50 €     1 hour
The heat of the stones harmonizes the energy flow and gently introduces a state of muscular relaxation.

* All of our massages are non-medical : they are wellness and esthetic treatments and non-therapeutic.

Flotation bed 40 €   30 minutes

The Therm-Spa offers the possibility of experiencing a massage in a state of weightlessness, lying on a water bed. The flotation bed leads you to a total relaxation of mind and body.
• Massage by 24 hydro-jets on the whole body. Eliminates the feeling of weight.


Personalized program of color-therapy.
Colored light affects our physical, chemical and emotional state. It strengthens and balances our vital energy.

Bol d’air Jacquier

The Bol d’Air Jacquier helps you to breathe more efficiently, helping you to optimize the effects of our oleotherapy treatments.

Gentle workout

• Dynamic stretching.
• Chi Machine : Activates the circulation of Chi (vital energy) in the body
Toning platform: combining esthetic et wellness, it actively tones your muscles to stay in shape.
We create a personal programme for you using all of our dynamic stretching equipment.

Treatments in the swimming-pool

Our natural swimming pool is fitted with equipment designed to help you work on the different parts of your body.

• Personnalized aquagym programme.
• Pool bicycle with a cardio-training programme.
The pull bar for working the arms, shoulders, back, pectorals and abdominals.
Abdominal board.
The underwater stretching chair.
Water jets for toning for the lower body.

The treatment packages

Discovery pack
4 treatments

Free flotation bed treatment as a welcome gift.

120 €    2 hours

Wellness pack
• 2 days * (only in low season and out of school holidays)
230 €    10 treatments

In Shape pack
• 4 days *
420 €     20 treatments

Oleatherm pack
• 6 days *
650 €    30 treatments

Cure Impériale
• 6 jours *
1050 €    40 treatments

We propose 4 options for your treatment programmes:
•  Relaxation  •  Shape  •  Detoxification  •  Comfort

Gown, towels and slippers are provided during the treatments.

* Soins : 5 treatments per day including one in the pool.
(the pool is in service from May to October)

Group discounts from the second person onwards.

* All of our massages are non-medical : they are wellness and esthetic treatments and non-therapeutic.

Accommodation available on site and in the surrounding area.

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